C. elegans







Current research project:

Gene function of some of the high mobility group proteins "HMG" in C. elegans
Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie
Universität Göttingen (Germany)

Some results: Click here!

Further information about C. elegans:


Former research projects:

  • Find the MA thesis here.
  • Isolation of DNA from nematodes.
  • Identification of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp) by using PCR and RAPD-PCR.
  • Isolation and purification of Meloidogyne spp. from soil as well as infected plants.
  • Identification of Meloidogyne spp., and their races, on the basis of :
    a. Differential hosts test.
    b. Perineal patterns technique
  • Isolation of entomopathogenic nematodes and culturing them on :
    a. Natural hosts.
    b. Artificial media.
  • Studying the effect of the Bacillus thurengensis (BT) and its toxins on root-knot nematodes by studying the lethal effect of its crude extract of its toxins and purified proteins based on in-vivo and in-vitro assays.